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Vehicles - 2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail Pemium

Interior Door Handle Lights

There is a slit on the top of the inner door handle cups that Limited editions have with a light that shines down on the door handle cup area. This gives a soft glow that is not distracting but makes it easier to see your door handles at night. It also looks really cool which is why I did this.

You can order the limited parts for around $15 each x 4 but you still have to wire them yourself. This way was much cheaper and works well. It is not very difficult but takes a little patience. I decided on blue over white LEDs just because I thought it would look better.

I ordered 12v LEDs that were pre wired with resisters (50 pc, 5 colors X10 $6.13) This gives me many options for colors and LED clips (50 pc $4.57) from Amazon.
I had a 2' x 3' sheet of 1/8" lexan laying around.
I used HF super glue

I started by cutting out a 1/2" strip of 1/8" lexan. I cut the main part about 2" long and cut 4 1/2" squares. I drilled a hole in the center of the main part for the LED and clip.

Next I super glued the squares to stack it up for LED clearance. I ground the end of the LED flat beforehand to give a more even glow and to save space then wet sanded it with 1600 grit sand paper to clear it up a bit.

I removed the door panel which is pretty easy. use a panel tool to pop out the cup behind the handle. There are two other screws behind little doors that a panel tool makes it easy to open them. The screws are all phillips heads.

Pull out the door panel from the bottom. It takes a firm tug. there is a place below the speaker that you can grab. Just pull strait out.

Remove the power connector and the door lock and door opening cables. When replacing green goes on the bottom. On the front panels the puddle lights are on a seperate wire and will have to be reconnected before popping the panel into place. The rear panels are wired internally and don't have that problem.


If you have a 4Runner check it out, I bet you have the slit in the door panels. Many Toyotas and Lexis seem to have them.

The stack is glued directly over the slit. If not centered the light will not make it down to where you want it.

I stripped off 1/4" of the wires to the purple (ACC) and the white/black (ground) and soldered to them. A zip tie was added to keep it clean. I used electric tape after cleaning off the flux to cover the solder joints. The I reassembled the door panel and tested it out.

All four doors use the same colored wires.

This is the front door panel view.

The back door panels are very simular to the front.

Three more sets made and ready to install. They don't have to be pretty just made right.

This took me a few hours for the first door since I was testing and taking my time. I did the other three doors in about an hour.

I got my idea after looking at Antman and sp8ball's writeup on T4R.org. After looking it over many times and also the limited inserts you can purchase this is what I came up with.

It saves having to disassemble the door handle assembly and you don't have to drill into the door handle cup it'self.

I only used the lexan since I had it laying around. you could use any plastic that is the same thickness.