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Vehicles - 2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail Pemium

Backup sonar with Blind spot detection.

I ordered this from Alaibaba in China since it's not readily available in the US.
It includes 4 backup sensors, two side sensors for BSM (Blind Side Monitoring)
Two LED's for the left and right BSM and a main screen for backup distances.
The kit includes everything necessary for the install including a hole saw for the sensors.
The kit seems to be well made. The instructions with English conversion are a funny read
but are acurate.

You will need a few zip ties with mounting pads to keep the rear wiring harness tucked inside the rear bumper.

Measure carefully before drilling into your brand new bumper. The kit comes with a hole saw. Remove the cutout between each hole. If you have a bumper cover you will need to cut out each hole twice.

I measured 9 inches from the side closest to the tire for each side sensor.

Each sensor has a small arrow with even smaller text to indicate which side should be UP. The backup sensors and BSM sensors are different so seperate them before installing. They don't apear to be easy to remove if you make a mistake.

The side sensors have a left and right side as well as the rear wiring harness. Pay attention when installing. I removed the rear plastic panel at the corner of the rear bumper to access the giant rubber grommet where the wire loom enters the vehicle. I removed the electric tape, cut a slit into the side of the grommet to run the harness through it then re-taped it up. After that I replaced the panel. 5 10mm bolts and a snap in connector hidden under the mud flap hold it in place. I had to break the snap in connector but luckily I had spares from my previous Toyota.

I mounted the CPU where the car jack is located on the drivers side. I tapped the backup light. I will hold off on tapping the turn signals unless I actually need need them. Since I have the CPU set to always use BSM I might not need to connect them. There is an option to only use BSM when using the turn signal which is more likely to need it. I also connected the ground.

Next I ran the main cable on the drivers side to the front of the vehicle to the kick panel. I would recomend using
 a fiberglass pull rod since it is thicker than a metal one but less likely to get caught up in the wiring that is behind
the panels. This took me longer than I thought it would. It wanted to go up the C pillar than go to the back of the
vehicle. You could remove the panel but that would be a PITA with the cargo rack in the way.

Next I ran the two blind spot warning lights to the A pillars. I don't really like this so I will probably change it to orange LED's in the side mirrors.

I really didn't like the LED's for the BSM so I decided to take the time to run regular LEDs to the side mirrors. It took a couple hours to run the wires thru the doors and up to the mirrors. It was worth it.

at night

The display fits nicely on the far left part of the dash. It shows arrows with the distance of vehicles next to you and when backing up shows the distance to what is behind you like in the picture below. It starts beeping when you get about 5 feet from an object and increases the closer you get.

Finished exterior