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Home Improvement - Back Yard Pond

July 5, 2020

I have wanted to install a medium size pond in my back yard for years. In 2002 my brother and I dug out a pond but it never got past that.
It was eventually filled in.

In the years since I have wanted one. We have done a lot to renovate our yard which looks amazing but with cement and flagstone now completely
surrounding our house it is now pretty much impossible to run electricity to install a working pond.

That is until I decided damn it I will make a solar pond. I started thinking small but as I kept searching I kept buying more solar things to make it work.

I plan on about a 500 to 700 gallon pond with a waterfall or running stream into it.

It will be 2 feet deep max to avoid having to get it permitted and 1 foot over gound level.

It will have matching Arizona Gold flagstone around the top to match our patio.

(Update: it is about 1500 gallons total)

Wiring diagram as of 3/1/2022

Parts for it so far.

Renogy 100W 12 V solar panel

Renogy 30Amp controller. I also purchased a second Renogy 12V 100W solar panel and controller

To mount the solar panels I removed an old satelite dish from my roof and will use part of it with a 2" pole and some aluminum
to build a mount to install them where it will use the most amount of light.

AEO-WP801220D 12-18V 660GPH (12V) 898GPH (18V) pumps (x 2)

Pumps for bog filter 205 GPH (12V) 410 GPH (24V) (x 2)

 Eco-worthy 20W 12V panel with 360GPH pump for water fountain

Lewisia 5W Solar Air Pump Kit to airate the pond

Atlantic BF1250 Bio waterfall


15 x 15 45 Mil pond liner for the pond


5 x 15 45 Mil pond liner for the waterfall

3" x 15' of seam tape betwen liners

15 x 20 Underlayemnt to protect both liners


100 feet of 10 Guage marine grade wire



Large 6 X fuse block for safety. X2


100AH marine battery

Mighty Max 125AH marine battery



Lights for the night action

Timers ( x3)


Huskey 15 Gallon containers for the skimmers and battery box.

I designed and started 3D printing bio-blox to sit in the skimmer and waterfall.

they are 43mm cubes to house benificial bacteria. They take 5 hours and 20 minutes to print.

I 3D printed a larger 86mm version. I is equal to 8 of the smaller blox. Time to print 36 hours 6 minutes