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Home Improvement - Master Bedroom and bath

This should be completed next week. It is being done by a contractor.

Rema and I have also done our part.

The finished rooms

Baloo Approves

The old fiberglass shower was removed and travertine wall to ceiling in the whole room and a new sliding door and toilet was installed.

I built a new base with storage for our king size waterbed.

It is made in two parts to fit thru a door.

Building the top using 3/4" plywood and 1 x 6" majogany for the edges where it can be seen.

Lots of glue, biscuts and clamps were needed.

One side is completed.

I also decided to make a matching cabinet with a live edge Walnut top.

The Walnut was not completely flat. the lighter wood drops down about 10mm from the center.

I built a router sled to get it nice and flat/level.

You can see in the picture below where the lighter wood drops off on each side.

Look at the shadows under the sled where it tapers down on the edges.

I bought a 2" surfacing bit for the router to make the job go by much faster.