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Home Improvement - Front Yard


Spring 2019 front yard.

2018 is almost over and it's time to make the front yard match the back.

We are having the same landscapers use the materials as in the back yard.

Since the blinds will be open to enjoy the new view I decided to add mirror tint.

It works great.

Tint and no tint.

1/11/2019 and it is done.

8/17/2019 new crack.

1/7/2019 They cleaned up the debrit and ran the sprinklers. It looks much better now.

This is turning out great.

I asked if they could re-use the edging on the stacked block wall to prevent grass growing in the knotches.

1/6/2019 The main area is cemented in place.

One side wall is also complete except for the top.

1/5/2019 Most of the main area was cemented in place.

There is just a small area to finish.

They also started one of the walls. It looks great so far. This originally was not supposed to get flagstone but they made it higher than expected so I decided to make it match.
I am glad I did.

1/4/2018 The flagstone has been cut in the main area and ready to cement in.

The steps were also cut and cemented in.

12/31 The cement was poured today.

12/29 most of the sidewalk removed and the forms were made. There will also be steps with pillars on each side.

It's going to take  lot of cement and flagstone for this.

The pillars on the steps will have solar lights.

12/28 The walls are up.

This sidewalk will be removed all the way to the door and most of the lawn will be replaced by Arizona Gold flagstone.

There will soon be stairs and two pillars with solar lights next to the driveway.

Just a little more room for parking and it will make a nice planter area on this side.