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Home Improvement - Back Yard

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2017 Summer is here and we have decided to rejuvinate our back yard. My wife wants it to look like Hawaii so we are heading in that direction.

The sod makes it look so much better.

It's almost done

A few days later.

Day 10 The BBQ base is started.

Day 9 They are getting faster.

Day 7 It's getting there.

Day 5 A second worker is there speeding things up.

I complimented them on how close they were fitting the flagstone and he said no more than a finger.

Day 4 he spent the day cutting and fitting in the pieces.

It's started. One day to dig up the ground, 1 day to pour the cement and one day of cutting the flagstone.

There is a 1 1/2" gap between the house for drainage.

They thought ahead and bumped up the concrete where the flagstone ends.

1000 square feet of Arizona Gold is just getting started.

there will be a 18" high 4' deep, 63' long planter bed wall with 4 pillars and nice top caps.

I wanted a Santa Maria grill so I ordered the best one I could find. (This is it, 5-6 weeks for delivery)

Here it is in it's temporary location.

Of course I had to break it in.

We also have on order a 110V SPA with 34 jets. (This is it, Sep 14 Delivery)

The size of the current patio will be extended then the flagstone will be installed on top.