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Garden - Indoor growing space

I cleaned up the top of a closet used for 3D printers and will use it for a seed and small plant growing area in the winter months.

I widened the shelf, Hung 3 10W LED grow panels on chains so it is adjustable and have two heat mats to get the seeds started.


A new start for the new year. I added more LEDs on a timer. The original panels only have an option for 4 8 or 12 hours. I needed 14.

I added a strip of lights that are not as bright to come on an hour before, turn off soon after the main lights. Then turn on before the main lights go off and stay on for another hour.

I also cleaned up the wiring a bit.

I took some of the seeds that failed to germinate in the soil and give them a try in varmiculite. They were watered then given a daily spray of 1 part black tea with 5 parts water in a spray bottle. In 7 days 7 sprouts are starting. I call that a win. We will see how more sprout out soon.

I had a setback when I sprayed for aphids on my larger plants. I must have got the ratio wrong because it almost killed them. It did kill many of the spouts that had been transplanted into containers. I do have more that are growing in thier containers now.

more seeds are sprouting.


I added a vinyl sheet to protect the wood shelf.

The lights were also cleaned up a bit. I added screws since the double sided tape was starting to fail.

A few seeds are starting to germinate.

10/31/2023. I started 8 rows of different pepper seeds.