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Garden Page
For 2018 we have completely gutted our back yard last year except for a few plants. It is not as much of a garden anymore but I will add more trees and plants since it was rebuilt. I will update the info as the new trees and plants bloom.

Indoor Growing Space
I cleaned up the top of a closet used for 3D printers and will use it for a seed and small plant growing area in the winter months.

I widened the shelf, Hung 3 10W LED grow panels on chains so it is adjustable and have two heat mats to get the seeds started.
Starting pepper Seeds for the 2024 season
I will start a large variety of peppers in the house for next season. From mild to hot I want to try out varieties I would never be able to try other than growing them at home. In the spring I will transfer them to the vertical towers below.
Vertical Garden Towers late 2023
This was started late in the season, Oct 9 just to test the concept. It is working great so far and will be expanded for the 2024 growing season.
Hydroponics Build 2
Hydroponics Build 2
I built a new Hydroponic system this year by what I have learned over time and to fix a few things with my old setup. This promises to be a much better setup.  It is a combo of a NFT anf floating raft system. So far it is much more promising.

I am no longer doing this but will leave the page up.
Hydroponics Build 1
Hydroponics Build 1
I built a Hydroponic system to grow strawberries and some herbs using recirculating water with nutriants. This will have no soil and it will be above ground so no bugs will eat the fruit before I do. It will also save a huge amount of water since California is in a multi year drought. This was a NFT system.

I am no longer doing this but will leave the page up.
Mason Bees
Fruit Trees
Many are two to three years old now and are fruiting.
Citrus Trees
From pots to the planter. They are growing well.
Shade Trees
Some old and some new.
Berries and Grapes
Most productive plants so far.