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Korean BBQ

Wood or charcoal indoor tabletop BBQ

You need so start the charcoal outside and let it burn for about 15 minutes to prevent CO2 poisoning.

My wife had a perfectly fitting holder for other dishes that works great for this BBQ.

No need to drill a large hole in our table.

First cook. Everything was as amazing as expected.

A nice ssam to eat all in one bite.

Kimchie, pork, gochujang and seaweed in a lettiuce wrap.

Finished with some Korean Fried rice topped with cheese and seaweed.

The first test of this could not have gone better. It will be used many times in the future. with more ingrediants.

A nice Pre-Christmas dinner with our friends/family from here and Switzerland.

A nice selection of desserts

They had not had Korean food before and couldn't eat enough of it.

The guys kept asking my wife for more SSams with Gochujang.

Rema made some very delicious Japchae (hehe I got her into it as well)

More KFC and Korean pancakes

Another plate full of KFC. I cant get enough of it.

This we have these two condements for a while now. Hooked me on Korean food.

Ssamjang and Gochujang

I made a trip to our local Korean market and picked up a few things.

3 kinds of pork and seaweed

Sake, Soju, Korean Pancake mix and Korean Fried Chicken mix

Hot sauce, Kimchi, Milkis, Garlic Poofs, Corn Chips and Volcano Chicken Noodles

I was proud of what I made for dinner tonight. Korean Fried chicken KFC three ways.

The Orginal Korean Fried Chicken, Tereaki Garlic Chicken and Spicy Gochuchanj Chicken.

This taste so much better than American Fried Chicken in every way.

Another trip to the Korean Supermarket